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big nate thunka thunka thunka lincoln peirce - big nate thunka thunka thunka lincoln peirce on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers there s never a dull moment with nate wright in the picture whether getting caught playing table football in the library or raiding the teachers lounge, big nate what s a little noogie between friends kindle - lincoln peirce has been drawing the big nate comic strip for more than 20 years born in ames iowa peirce grew up in durham new hampshire as a kid he began creating his own strips in the sixth grade, big nate silent but deadly by lincoln peirce paperback - middle school is a breeding ground for mischief and dreaming big for big nate and his pals new york times bestselling author everyone s favorite sixth grader is back for more misadventures and big nate silent but deadly smells like a winner whether he s showing the ropes to a detention rookie campaigning for the student of the month award or writing hilarious movie reviews for the